Faster Way Testimonial: Amy

We want to highlight Amy from A Cup Full of Sass who saw INCREDIBLE results with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss!! It’s amazing what progress can be made when you dedicate yourself to living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We are SO proud of Amy! Check out her story below:

“I have been working out consistently and eating clean for a long time now. I was really looking to tone my body and get rid of some of my problem areas. Yes, I have those too. With summer coming, I knew now was the time. I came across The Faster Way to Fat Loss and was intrigued by what I learned. Amanda Tress is the creator and she is amazing! After reading up on the program, I decided this was for me. Let me just say I LOVE this program and I have already seen results in only 4 short weeks! I still have two more weeks to go and I know I’m only going to get better. I plan on signing up for a second round too.

This program is not like the typical program. I don’t even like to call it a program because truly is just a healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry, you CAN eat carbs. You CAN have a treat day (it’s actually recommended every Saturday). You CAN Eat! You can have carbs every day, but there are low carb days and regular macro days. Each exercise is designed to work with the eating schedule. My daily calorie intake is actually hard for me to hit. I always have more than enough food and have never felt hungry. We focus on eating lean meats and lots of vegetables. If you watch my Instagram Stories you will see I share a lot of my food and exercises. Be sure to follow along if you’re not already.

On low carb days, I eat lots of vegetables, salads, and protein. I even make a great low carb egg casserole with turkey sausage and vegetables. On regular macro days, I eat things like fish tacos, a veggie flatbread pizza, quinoa, steel cut oatmeal or an egg sandwich. I always have a vegetable with my meals. I love roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts.”

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