How do our LIVE at-home workouts actually work?

Ever wondered what the FASTer Way is all about? While yes, we are a fitness and nutrition program… We are also BIG on community! We are a 100% virtual program focused on pairing effective workouts with proper, whole-food nutrition, in addition to carb cycling and intermittent fasting. Our quick and effective 30-minute workouts target specific areas of the body and implement different workout techniques to break the monotony of doing the same workout every single day. We don’t beat you to the ground with cardio and don’t keep you in the gym lifting weights for hours. We pair effective, targeted workouts with specific, whole-food nutrition to see maximum results. Our week of workouts consist of two HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training), three strength workouts and two active recovery days (yoga, barre, etc.)

How do FASTer Way workouts work?

You might be wondering, what are the FASTer Way workouts? How do they work? What does a typical FASTer Way workout look like? Well, the FASTer Way community provides clients with a new LIVE workout EVERY day of the week! Our 30-minute workouts are fully guided and instructed by certified head trainers. We start with a quick warm up, crush an effective workout targeting a specific muscle group, and finish with a quick stretch and cooldown. We use different exercise equipment like dumbbells, exercise bands and workout benches BUT provide suggested alternatives if those are not available. Our trainers also provide you with helpful tips as you go through the workout, ensuring that you are safely and effectively performing the exercise to the best of your ability. Not to mention, you’ll get lots of encouragement from the FASTer Way team as we all work through the workout right there with you!

How are FASTer Way workouts different?

There’s no question that the fitness industry is a noisy one! There are new programs and fad diets popping up every week. The FASTer Way program is no fad diet; it is a lifestyle based on program nutrition recommendations, with a focus on whole-food nutrition and balanced macros, while practicing intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and effective workouts. This makes the FASTer Way different from any other home workout program on the market. The FASTer Way VIP membership gives you COMMUNITY, like a no other brand on the market. Not Peloton, Mirror, or any fitness class you can find. All at a much more affordable price. We give clients access to so much more than just workouts; members get access to the FASTer Way digital studio, fun monthly challenges, exclusive discounts, 1:1 consultations with our head trainers and daily support and accountability. The FASTer Way is a sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t focus on deprivation but rather focuses on progress over perfection, unlike any other program on the market.

How do the workouts work for me?

The FASTer Way lifestyle works for men and women at all ages and stages of life. We have members of our community ranging from college students to grandparents! Our workouts can also be modified to meet a wide range of fitness levels. During the live workouts, our trainers demonstrate low-impact AND advanced options to meet the needs of every member in our community. With FASTer Way, you’ll never have to worry about the monotony of doing the same workout over and over again as we broadcast a brand new live workout each and every day.

You don’t need fancy equipment to get a great workout, you just need the right exercises—so we’re sharing some of our favorites in our free guide.

Download our tips for home workouts and boosting your immunity!

That’s right — a NEW LIVE 30 minute workout for our entire community every day!

If you’re unable to join us live, you can catch the replay at any time through the day, or even download the workout and save it in your favorites in the FASTer Way app. The workouts can be completed early in the morning before work, right when you get home, in the middle of the day while your kids are napping or even on your lunch break! The FASTer Way workouts WORK for all.

The FASTer Way CommUNITY

One of our favorite aspects to the FASTer Way program is the aspect of community. The digital nutrition and fitness components of our program bring our commUNITY together in a way that is unlike any other network. Our entire community follows the SAME workout each day -- That means, clients together in the 6-week rounds, small groups and VIP community, are all working together through the same workouts, encouraging each other along the way! Our brand new clients who started week one today, suffered through (I mean enjoyed 🤪) the HIIT workout alongside tens of thousands of other FASTer Way new clients and VIP members. Our clients come together in our virtual community to share their victories, ask questions, post recipes and bond over how hard the workout for the day was! You get ALL the benefits and support of a gym community right from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re exercising at home in the Midwest, in the gym on the East Coast, outdoors on vacation in Italy, or anywhere else in the world, you are a part of the FASTer Way movement! Men and women in all ages and stages of life are living and LOVING the FASTer Way lifestyle. Ready to join the fastest growing fitness and nutrition community? This growing community has a place for YOU! Click here to begin your journey today!