How to Thrive During Summer BBQ's

While you know we’re all about treating ourselves over here in the FASTer Way (hello, progress over perfection!), it is equally important that we stay mindful and do our best to stay on top of macros during summer cookouts! 

Now, we are NOT saying you need to be perfect or deprive yourself from enjoying a cookout with your family. But, we ARE saying that there are lots of ways to make “better” choices and still feel in control and not over-indulged! Check out some of our tips on how to stay on top of your macros during summer BBQs and a few easy FASTer Way friendly food swaps!

  1. FAST until your main meal of the day Having a cookout at 2? Extend your fast until then! That way, you won’t have to worry about “overdoing” it for the day. You can focus on fueling your body during the cookout and save room for all your cookout faves!

  2. ENJOY your workout earlier in the day You may find that it’s harder to fit in your workout after a long day of BBQing with the fam. To keep motivation and energy high, try completing your workout earlier in the day before the festivities begin! Pencil 30 minutes into your schedule to crush your workout and feel accomplished before a fun day with family!

  3. PREPLAN your food in MyFitnessPal Already know the menu for the cookout? Preplan your food in MyFitnessPal! While your entries may not be perfect with serving size, do your best to estimate! Not only will it save time later in the day, but you’ll also keep tabs on how much you’re eating and be less likely to mindlessly snack!

  4. STAY hydrated! Hydration is key for your BBQ! Keeping a big glass of water nearby to sip on throughout the day will keep you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Not to mention, choosing water as your drink of choice with your cookout meal is a much better option than a processed soda or sugary cocktail. Don't drink your macros!

  5. Pick your “worth it” foods! If you know your cousin is making her famous potato salad that you just LOVE and look forward to every year, plan for it! Choose the “worth it” foods to fit into your macros. The mindless, “snacky“ type foods, like potato chips or even dinner rolls, might not be high on your list. Just because they’re on the serving table, doesn’t mean you have to grab for them! Stay present and mindful as you fill up your plate!

  6. BE PRESENT with your loved ones and enjoy your celebrations FREE OF GUILT! Most importantly, ENJOY your day with family and friends! Focus on progress over perfection and don't be too hard on yourself. You deserve to enjoy a holiday with your family! Remember, memories over macros!


  • Choose a lettuce wrap instead of hamburger or hot dog buns

  • Slather on mustard instead of mayo

  • Try crispy roasted sweet potatoes instead of potato chips

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with summer berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries) instead of cake or ice cream

  • Bake a healthier treat without refined sugars/grains/dairy instead of a typical cake or cookies

  • Drink sparkling water with citrus fruit instead of soda

  • Make a big side salad full of colorful veggies instead of pasta salad

  • Turn your regular burger into a yummy burger bowl! Ditch the bun, serve over a bed of lettuce, and add all your favorite burger toppings! (A FASTer Way favorite!)

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